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A Dragon's Flight A Dragon's Flight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I've never seen that film...

But surely i will after i saw this. It is animated in a very clean manner, the only imperfection i could take into your notice being the dragon's flying stance, that remained the same even when he was doing maneuvers: he should have moved his body, especially his back and his head, to get higher or closer to the ground, and such aerial movements.
Apart from that, wish you the best of luck with uni and hope you will keep up submitting your work here. :)

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Banikk and Daikenki Banikk and Daikenki

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Could have been funny...

If i had at least a slight idea of what actually happened.
It may make the forum members laugh, but you cannot expect a big response here on NG i guess. Apart from that, extremely short, sprites borrowed around other games/flashes (and even quite messed up, since you chose a 1st generation environment to put a 5th generation sprite; even more, the character's sprite was Oak's and not the trainer's.)
Overall, a quite nonsense joke hastily put together.

Fuzi0n responds:

I do apologise, but it is a lot better than some of the crap that gets through the portal.
But yes, was bad of me really, hastily put together in about half an hour and is all inside joke stuff. But more reason to check out the forum! lol.

But it has given me the idea to perhaps make a sprite movie, not much fighting and mainly story using pokemon sprites perhaps. I've always wanted to do that.
And discovering how easily it is i think i might attempt that.
Thank you for your review and time anyway.

Super Mario Claus Super Mario Claus

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Short, but funny XD

Mario's voice was really cool, and animation was pretty well done too. :)

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Phoenotopia Phoenotopia

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game is professional level. All of you whining about the controls have clearly not grown up with the old school platformers.
The whole game feels like old platformer nostalgia on a OoT Legend of Zelda level of adventure awesomeness, mixed with a tiny bit of a more creepy/intense approach (Atai well ruins, i'm looking at you)
Stuck on the kobold boss (aka the Star Fox impersonator) at the moment, he's a bad MF but i'm willing to get to the end.
What to say, everything seems perfect to me, so you get a full rating everywhere.

Galactic Paperboy Galactic Paperboy

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Yeah, agree with the lower comments. The game itself is quite cool, but the tutorial shouldn't keep advancing even if you lose the ship. I literally went through the whole tutorial section by failing and had not the slightest idea on how to do the first actual level. Fix that, and you're fine.

Snowdrift Snowdrift

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really good game, actually; kept feeling thirsty irl when i was running out of water in the game, and in the later days the sight of a rabbit was like a holy miracle... XD

I think i stumbled into a bug, though: at day 16, i got the "knocked door" event. Now, i had let it in for the first two times, then refused to open for other two times. It may sound stupid, but i was running out of food during night, i had finished my oil days before, and i was pretty much condemned. Then i decided to grasp to the last desperate hope: i decided to open the door to the stranger, hoping it would someway get me out of that situation, no matter how. Then, bugged. The time stopped like always, but no one came in. After some seconds i was able to move the character again, yet the time was still frozen at 16:00. I went out, and when i was certain that was a bug, i entered the dark, curious to see how sam was going to die if i stayed too much in there. Heartbeats, a door slamming, then silence, nothing happens. So, i couldn't even die.
Hope i have been helpful. :)

Placeable responds:

Thanks for the review!

Yep you are not the only one to happen upon this bug, if you simply restart the game and hit continue it should just let you carry on from your last day. Bug free.

Recent Audio Reviews

Jingle Bells [Hardcore Remix] Jingle Bells [Hardcore Remix]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like yours more :)

I usually don't like this genre of music, but this kicked ass XD
And i listened to the other you talked about in the description, but this one is heavier and more appealing to me :)
Keep up with cool stuff.

Heavy area music Heavy area music

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Bad-assest music ever listened to. :)

Review says all. This track is one of the best i listened to here on NG. You do a very great job with metal. :)

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Classic Boss Battle - Tribute Classic Boss Battle - Tribute

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Never played Megaman...

So it doesn't remember me it XD
But this kicks ass, and that's for sure. Gonna download it ;)

HyruleanHyroe responds:

Awesome, glad you liked it!

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Infection-Redux Infection-Redux

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I liked the previous more.

This version looks more... "quiet", i mean, it seems a dead man implanted with some kind of robotic parasite that is able to control his dead body.

The other seemed a living person that had been just violently torn apart and experienced fully all the pain and suffering of being infected by a merciless parasite.
And i think that's what is shocking about the subject, so i liked the first, bloody version more. ^_^
You have a lot of talent, by the way. I'm looking forward to see the project where this character is going to be included complete. :D